Mystical Monerujo Manual

How to…

You want to get your wallet back and you have your seed

  1. Click on the + button on the main screen.
  2. Choose Restore wallet 25 word seed.
  3. Choose a name and password for you wallet.
  4. Enter your 25 word mnemonic seed.
  5. Enter a restore height or a date you’re sure it’s prior to the wallet’s creation, otherwise some transactions may not appear on your transactions list.
  7. Done. Monerujo will need to sync your wallet (scan the blockchain for transactions belonging to you). Duration will be proportional to how far away in time you’re making it check for them.

You have moneroj on your wallet but you need to send bitcoins

  1. Open a wallet. It will make you wait until it’s fully synced.
  2. Click on GIVE
  3. You need to provide the receiver’s address now. You can either paste a Bitcoin address or scan a QR code. It will let you know that you’ve entered one and that the conversion is going to be handled by
  4. Click on AMOUNT
  5. Enter the amount you want to send. You can choose to do this in Bitcoin or any of the other currencies by clicking on the BTC button.
  6. Click CONFIRM
  7. It will prepare your transaction. Once it’s ready, it will display its details. If everything looks right, just click on SPEND MY SWEET MONEROJ

You want to create a completely new wallet

  1. On the main screen, click on the + button.
  2. Click on Create new wallet
  3. Choose a name for your wallet. This is how it will be called everywhere in the app. You can change this later.
  4. Enter a password. Monerujo will ask for it to allow access to the wallet, sending funds, or see its secret details.
  5. Choose between using fingerprint access or not. This is less safe (somebody could use your thumb while you sleep) but more convenient. Risk assessment is a very personal task.
  7. Monerujo will display the details screen. It’s very important that you write down the Mnemonic Seed. This list of random words give you (or anybody with it) the power to recreate this wallet in Monerujo or any other standard Monero wallet. Don’t copy and paste it on your phone. Write it down physically and store it somewhere both safe and secret.
  8. Optionally you can also write down the Restore Height and the Restore Password. These may come in handy if you need to backup or troubleshoot a wallet corruption. Convenient but not critical like the Mnemonic Seed.
  9. Click on I HAVE NOTED THE MNEMONIC SEED. You’ll be taken back to the main screen and the newly created wallet should be there.


Why does Monerujo ask for access to my external storage?

Monerujo needs to create files on your phone for every wallet you create in the app, and then it will have to read from them and update as you use your wallets. Without this permission the app cannot work.

Why does Monerujo ask for access to my camera?

The app needs permission from you to turn on the camera to scan QR codes. That feature can be very useful to send money to another wallet without having to copy and pasting address “manually”. This is not a critical permission.